Storyboard Artists / Advertising / Film / Animatics / Illustrators

Lee Wilson

Lee has been telling stories through pictures for a long time. In London and Chicago, it was advertising boards back when your cell phone was the size of a brick. In LA, he fell in love with film, doing concept and storyboard work for The Fifth Element, The Long Kiss Goodnight and Deep Blue Sea, to name a few. This would also be the time where Lee discovered a passion for video games, collaborating with the developers on character and vehicle design, along with storyboards for both the Twisted Metal and Halo series. NYC, film school at NYU along with acting and improv classes, all the while boarding his little heart out. In 05 he reunited with his buddies at Bungie Studios in Seattle, this time taking the plunge with a full time position in the cinematics department. There he worked on Halo 3 and most notably Halo: Reach where he directed the story and cinematics.Lee is a plastic bag dancing on the wind. He has a passion for storytelling, whether it be with storyboard panel or fully rendered movie. Hell also knock out a cartoon just to make you smile.