Storyboard Artists / Advertising / Film / Animatics / Illustrators

Roberto Ezzevalli

Like many great artists in history, Roberto is a born-and-bred Italian. He received his BFA in Fine Arts & Advertising in Milan, Italy, then continued his career in London and Sydney where he sharpened his skills (and pencils) as a storyboard artist. Lured by the ample supply of beaches, sunny weather, Ferraris and Lamborghinis, Roberto moved to Los Angeles in 1999 and has been a working storyboard artist ever since.

Roberto is adept at a wide range of styles from loose black & white to tighter color work. He specializes in people, cars and products and and has worked for Toyota, Acura, Carnation, Taco Bell, Bebe, T-Mobile, Honda, Kia, Dole, Wells Fargo, Universal Studios Florida, Bacardi, Gran Marnier and Sky Vodka. His artistic flair, style and charming accent has garnered him work at every major advertising agency in the nation. He welcomes work both on-site and off-site depending on the needs of the client.